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The ETS Story

Our recruiters provide
growing practices
with exceptional people

For more than two decades, we have found specialized, executive-level healthcare professionals for hundreds of independent practices, ensuring their access to the highest level of medical talent and the ability to provide superior patient outcomes.

When we compete against other firms recruiting for corporate healthcare organizations and entities, we win. We succeed where generalist healthcare recruiters fail because of a model and process designed to service specific geographies and specialized service lines.

Specialized knowledge and narrowed focus

A network created to serve your medical niche

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An exceptional track record for more than two decades.

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More than 90% of our placements are doctors.

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We work with practices across the US and have had scores of successful placements from coast to coast.

ETS Recruit growing plant outline


We have expanded from dental to serve optometry, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, otolaryngology/ENT, and practice management.